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Dubuque County Democrats Hall of Fame Inductees

We have inducted 83 activists since Hall of Fame was revived in 2004. If you have any information about the earlier incarnation of Hall of Fame, please contact R.R.S. Stewart.

Inductees by year (underlined years mean biographies available below):

2015 (5) - Janet Durham, Dan Ernst, Chuck Isenhart, Fred McCaw,
Special Awards:
Volunteers of the Year: Shirley McVay & Kevin Healy
Carrie Chapman Catt Center Plaza of Heroines bricks: Ann Michalski & Ruth Scharnau
Ann Michalski Distinguished Service Award: Joyce Connors

2014 (4) - Connie Bennett, Bob Fisch, Lloyd Hayes, Ken Runde.
Special Awards:
Certificates of Gratitude: Patrick J. Murphy & Kathy Ann Flynn Thurlow
DAWN's List Barbara Boatwright Lifetime Achievement Award: Ann Michalski & Ruth Scharnau

2013 (7) - Inductees: Ivadell (Ivy) Burns Brehm, John L. Duffy, Teri Hawks Goodmann, Jeremiah (Jerry) M. Lynch.
Special Awards:
Volunteers of the Year: Caroline Pfab Koppes & Randolph W. (Randy) Lyon
Outstanding Elected Official: Thomas J. Vilsack

2012 (8) - Michael & Suzanne Blouin, Michael P. Hogan Jr., Patrick J. “Looper” Lynch, Patrick R.Quinn, Marcos Rubinstein, Vera Sable McAllister, Susan Wilson.

2011 (9) - Tom Auge, Marty O’Shea, Tom Reisdorf, Judy Schmidt, State Rep. Tom Schueller, Donna McDermott Smith, State Sen. Roger Stewart, Terry Stewart, State Rep. Ray Zirkelbach.

2010 (10) - Dorothy & William Blum, Dominic Goodmann, State Sen. Pam Jochum, Linda & Nicholas Lucy, State Rep. Patrick J. Murphy, Ruth Scharnau & Ralph Scharnau, William Winders & the Dubuque Leader.

2009 (7) - Denise Dolan, Pat Kelly, Kathy Flynn Thurlow, T.J. Mulgrew, JoAnn, Michael & Sylvester McCauley.

2008 (5) - Mary Therese Ahern, State Senator Michael Connolly, U.S. Senator Thomas Harkin, Agnese Hayes, Ann Michalski.

2007 (6) - U.S. Senator John Culver, Mary Lee Hostert, Helen McClain, Jerry Pregler, Walt Pregler, Jo Ann Reynolds.
Certificate of Gratitude: Fred McCaw

2006 (14) - William Delany, Dorthea Green, Clarence & Maxine Griep, Sister Dorothy Hennessey, Sister Gwen Hennessey, Joan & William Herrig, Leo Meier, Betty & Elmer Miller, Attorney General Thomas Miller, Eileen Murphy, Thomas Wainwright.

2005 (0)

2004 (17) - Thomas Breitbach, Robert Carr, Richard Dickinson, Thomas Flynn, Andrew Frommelt, Elden Herrig, Terry Hirsch, Leo Kennedy, Don Knapp, Alan Manternach, Michael McFarland, Robert Osterhaus, Paul Scherrman, Ray Scherrman, Jim Waller, Joseph Welsh.


Inductee Biographies (alphabetical by last name)

THOMAS E. AUGE (2011) was born in 1923 and grew up in Fort Madison, Iowa. As a medic in Europe in WWII he received the Bronze Star for heroism. He graduated from St. Ambrose College in 1947 and received a Master of History from St. Louis University in 1949. Tom married Theresa Moffitt in 1955 who joined him in Paris where he studied at the Sorbonne as a Fulbright scholar. He completed a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1957. Tom taught history at John Carroll University and then Loras College for nearly thirty years. He wrote widely about the Dubuque area and modern European history and published a biography of Frederic Ozanam, the founder of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in 1966. Tom also contributed to Seeds of Harvest--A History of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. In the late 1960s, Tom helped organize the Black Student Organization at Loras. He also co-founded the Center for Dubuque History in 1976. Following retirement in 1993, he held the rank of Professor Emeritus of History and received a Distinguished Alumni Award in 1995, recognizing him as an exceptional teacher and scholar. In his classes at Loras and DCD leadership many eventual DCD Hall of Famers discovered their political awareness and passion. Tom was active in various community organizations—the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Dubuque County Historical Society and DCD in the early 1970s serving as Vice-Chair and then Chair. He led his executive board in formalizing the DCD By-Laws and Constitution. He died after a long illness in 2002. :: Back to Top ::

CONNIE BENNETT (2014) Like her parents before her, Connie is a lifelong Democrat. After returning to Dubuque in 1973, Connie became politically active in 1974 when her brother Tom (Jochum) vied for and won a special election for State Representative. Since 1974, she remained actively involved in many campaigns and also served on the Dubuque Democrat Central Committee for many years. During the 80's and 90's, Connie, along with members of her extensive family dubbed themselves 'The Jochum Machine' and most Democratic candidates sought their support. Connie contributed countless hours phone calling, leaflet dropping, and poll watching, but her most enjoyable task was always door knocking - she enjoyed talking with other Dubuque residents about the campaign issues. Some of Connie's most rewarding campaign times include former Governor Chet Culver, President Barack Obama, and current Iowa Senate President Pam Jochum. Other enjoyable events include helping with the organization of former Iowa State Senator Mike Conley's retirement party, helping organize the Open House for our Democratic Headquarters that was located at K-Mart Plaza (lots of paint!), and having the pleasure to meet and introduce singer Carole King during a John Kerry fundraising event. Although wintering in Florida and recent health issues have slowed her political activity, Connie is yet a feisty Democrat who WON'T BACK DOWN from her belief of Democratic principles providing the best path for America's future. Connie is humbled and proud to be nominated and elected to the Dubuque County Democrats Hall of Fame and would like to thank everyone who helped make this very exciting evening possible. :: Back to Top ::

MICHAEL BLOUIN (2012) was born on 7 Nov. 1945 in Jacksonville, Fl, and began attending Loras College in 1962 at age 16, graduating in 1966. Tom Miller, now Iowa’s Attorney General, was one of Mike’s best friends at Loras, and they helped shape the Loras Young Democrats into a strong local and state presence. Mike served as President of the group, and as a Young Dem National Committeeman. After graduation, he began teaching 5th grade at Nativity School. When Mike decided to run for the Iowa House, his students and their parents volunteered to help his campaign, and he was sworn in to office in Jan. 1968. Mike and Suzi’s twin daughters, Amy and Lisa, were born two days after the end of his 1st House session. He won a second term in the Iowa House in 1970, and was elected to the Iowa Senate in 1972. In 1974 Mike was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Joe Hauer was teaching in Waterloo, and left his job to run Mike’s First congressional campaign, then headed Mike’s Iowa Staff and Operations. Joe left that job to attend seminary, and Father Hauer presently serves Resurrection Church. Dennis Houlihan later ran Mike’s Iowa office. Mike was re-elected in 1976. While in Congress, he participated in the Democratic Caucus with fellow Iowa Representatives Berkley Bedell, Tom Harkin, and Neal Smith. Mike lost his seat in 1978, and in 1979 was appointed by the Carter Administration to be Director of Information and Security Oversight, dealing with worldwide classified information. He took leave to help in the Iowa and Maine caucuses, and then returned to Washington as Assistant Director of the Community Services Administration. Mike returned to Iowa in 1981, working six years for Kirkwood Community College as Director of Grants and Governmental Regulations, responding to needs for workforce development. In 1986, he was ordained a Permanent Deacon for the Archdiocese of Dubuque. From 1987-1999, Mike worked for the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce, and from 1999-2003, the Greater Des Moines Partnership for Community and Economic Development. In 2003, he was appointed by Gov. Vilsack to be Director of the Iowa Dept. of Economic Development. Mike took leave from July 2005 to August 2006 in a primary run for Iowa governor, and then returned to the Vilsack Administration. In 2007, Mike and Suzi returned to Dubuque when Mike became President of the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, from where he retired in Jan. 2012. :: Back to Top ::

SUZANNE BLOUIN (2012) was born on 22 July 1945 in Des Moines. She moved to Dubuque in 1963 to attend Clarke College (Univ). In her senior year in the fall of 1966 she began dating a recent Loras grad, by the name of Mike Blouin. Thus began a lifetime of commitment to each other and to public service. Mike began a race for the Iowa House of Representatives, and Suzi devoted boundless energy to helping him win the primary and general elections by bringing organizational clarity to the campaign. Suzi and Mike married in July 1967, and she began teaching at Dubuque Senior High that August, where she had a new student named Roy Buol, now Dubuque’s mayor. Suzi and Mike’s campaign succeeded and Mike took a seat in the Iowa House in 1968, representing southern Dubuque city and county. In addition to being Mike’s strongest political ally and aide, Suzi worked in the Carter Administration in 1979-80 in the newly created Department of Education. She took leave in 1980 to help organize the Iowa Caucuses for Carter. Later she was business manager for HACAP in Cedar Rapids for 17 years. In Jan. 1999 Gov. Vilsack asked her to be his Director of Appointments for Boards and Commissions. When Suzi and Mike returned to Dubuque in Jan. 2007, she became one of the first women to serve as Pastoral Administrator for St. Patrick and St Mary parishes in the Dubuque Archdiocese. Suzi recently completed 25 years of service on the Clarke University Board of Trustees, and received the 1st Presidential Alumni Appreciation Award. :: Back to Top ::

DOROTHY AND WILLIAM BLUM (2010) Dorothy was born in Strawberry Point in 1921 and married Bill in 1942. She was active in the Dubuque Democratic Women's Club for many years, was a precinct committee person about 30 years, and served on the State Central Committee for several years. Born in 1945, Bill was a delegate to State conventions for more than 30 years and served on the State Finance Committee for five years. He also served on county, district, and state Credentials committees for most of 30 years. Their leadership bridged generations. :: Back to Top ::

IVADELL “IVY” BURNS BREHM (2013) was born 22 November 1938, and has lived in Vernon Township in Dubuque County all her life. She married Bill in 1958, and together they raised six sons – Alvin, Merlin, Patrick, Philip, Cletus, and Lyle. They enjoyed giving tours of their farm to young school children, delighting them with hayrides at the end. Bill passed away in 2008. Helping professional women enjoy motivational speakers through the Women’s Awareness program was and is important to Ivy. The program was started by the county extension service and continued by Northeast Iowa Community College. As a good Democrat, Ivy devoted a lifetime to attending precinct caucuses, county, and state conventions, and for many years she was in charge of organizing the Democratic Party booth at the Dubuque County Fair, and still helps today. In 1984, she was the first woman elected to the Western Dubuque school board, where she served for 12 years, helping expand the system as well as modernize the curriculum. Fundraising for the WD marching band consumed much of her time, and Ivy and Bill chaperoned the 225 members to various events, including the U.S. Presidential inaugurations of Jimmy Carter in 1977 and Bill Clinton in 1993. Most of her sons were members of the band. The county library was important to Ivy and she helped it in various ways, including fundraising. She also taught religious education classes (CCD) at Holy Family parish at the Monastery. :: Back to Top ::

JOHN LOUIS DUFFY (1899 – 1969, inducted 2013) was the son of Thomas H. Duffy, who served as chairman of the Dubuque County Democratic Party for about 30 years. John’s mother was Mary Murphy, sister of Richard Louis Murphy, who was U.S. Senator from Iowa from 1933 to 1936, and for whom Murphy Park is now named. John Duffy was a veteran of WW I, graduated Columbia (now Loras) College, and Notre Dame School of Law. He first entered the Legislature in 1947 but dropped out four years later to take over the county attorney’s post in Dubuque, which he had also held in the 1930s. John served 8 years total as Dubuque County attorney. In the ‘30s, he successfully prosecuted Marlo Heinz for murder and, by law, was required to witness Heinz’s eventual hanging. John returned to Iowa House in 1955 and served until 1968, when he was suceeded by Michael Blouin. John was so struck by the gruesomeness of capital punishment he devoted much of his 14 years as a Representative to its abolishment. After dramatically recounting his witness of a hanging, the House voted to repeal capital punishment for all crimes. The bill passed the Senate and was signed into law by the Governor in February 1965. John also originated the repeal of the Sunday “blue laws”, and supported both liquor by the drink and the “closed shop” labor bill. He became famed for his speeches in the House on St. Patrick’s Day, during which he lauded the accomplishments of noted Irishmen. John was also a member of the Dubuque County Bar Assn., St. Columbkille Church, and the Marquette Court of the Catholic Order of Foresters. His deceased family included wife Antoinette; daughter Sheila Duffy Casey (Colorado); two sons, Thomas J. and Roger L; three brothers brother Prof. Charles J. Duffy (Akron, Ohio), Thomas and Stanford; and Shelia’s daughter Shawn Casey Lohman. He is survived by Shelia’s daughter Carolyn Casey Ferris (California); two great grandchildren, Mike and Ann Lohman (Colorado); nephew Stanford Duffy (Waterloo); two nieces by Charles, Julia Duffy Ward (Oxford, OH) and Elizabeth Duffy Woodford (Ann Arbor, MI) and first cousin once-removed U.S. District Attorney Richard Murphy (Cedar Rapids, grandson of Senator Murphy and Ellen McGuire) and his three siblings. :: Back to Top ::

JANET DURHAM (2015) A teacher mother and labor union father influenced Janet's early interest in politics, elections, and human rights – before the age of five! The 1960 Kennedy election was a particular highlight at age 23 while living in the D.C. area during husband's military service. Returning to Dubuque, her involvement with partisan and non-partisan elections flourished under the mentorship of Dorothea Green and Marge Tully - precinct official, secretary of central committee (T.J. Mulgrew, Chair), officer in Democratic Women Club, League of Women Voters, plus appointments to various city and county boards and commissions. Janet became deputy commissioner of elections in 1977 in time to manage the county's entry into the new state-wide voter registration system and later on-line methods. Dedicated to ease of registering and voting, she spoke to groups and schools, encouraging full participation in the process. Leaving Dubuque in 1987 to join Paul in Wilmington, NC, she received commendations from Iowa County Auditors Assn. for her work and influence in Iowa voting. In N.C., Janet jumped into LWV activities and the political scene - secretary of Democratic Women Club, co-chair of first county Demo. "Caucus", and treasurer for State Demo. Women convention. During elections, she chaired various poll sites, some with 6,500 registered voters! Back in Dubuque, she's again active in precinct caucuses, making phone calls at headquarters, and the League. Quote from Janet: "Political participation is a great cross-generational opportunity to know people and encourage everyone to vote in every election, because elections have consequences!" :: Back to Top ::

DAN ERNST (2015) was born in Des Moines and moved to Dubuque at age 6. He is a graduate of Dubuque Senior High, Dartmouth College and the University of Michigan Law School. From 1957 to 1960, Dan served on active duty as a Judge Advocate General for the US Air force and several more years in the Air Force Reserves. He later served fifteen years in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Dan maintained an active law practice in Iowa and Illinois until 1991 when Governor Vilsack appointed him to lead the First Public Defender Office for Allamakee, Clayton, Delaware and Dubuque Counties. In 2006, he was appointed and served 12 years on the State Commission on Aging. Dan was a founding member of the Friends of the Mines and Spain and helped incorporate the non-profit, Children at Home. He has served on several other boards including the Board of Governors of the Iowa Bar Assn, the Red Cross trustees, the Mental Health Association and was moderator at First Congregational Church. Dan is a past President of the Dubuque County Bar Assn. He also was adjunct instructor at Clarke College. During retirement, Dan obtained certification to counsel and assist Veterans. He received the Governors Volunteer Award in 2001. Dan has been a Democratic Central Committee member for many years with duties as a caucus leader and poll watcher. He has been married to Ann for 59 years. They have three children and eight grandchildren. He recently wrote a book recalling the Waldena RockFest. :: Back to Top ::

ROBERT "BOB" FISCH (2014) was born at the family home on Janson Street in the northeast part of Dubuque called the "point" on April 23, 1921. He was the youngest of 8 children of Dominic and Matilda (Datisman) Fisch. His father was an immigrant from Luxemburg and the paternal family lived on a farm in St. Catherine. His father Dominic worked for the Railroad and his mother was a housewife. bob went to Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Marshall Elementary School, Jefferson Junior HIgh School and Senior HIgh School, graduating in 1941. 1941-1942 was a busy time for Bob, he graduated from High School, started working for the Dubuque Packing Company, married Marion (Schroeder) in 1942 at Nativity Catholic Church and volunteered to enter the United States Air Force as a member of the World War II generation. Bob never left the United States because as a talented typist he always worked in the offices of the Officers and also helped repair airplanes. After returning from the service, Bob resumed his job at the Dubuque Packing Company. In the 1950s Bob built his family home at 722 W. 11th Street. He and Marion started their family which eventually included four daughters and one son. Another son, Robert Jr. died at childbirth. He now has over ten grandchildren. Marion passed away in 1999. Bob worked at the Dubuque Packing Company for 42 years, became a talented "hamboner" and retired in 1983. After his retirement Bob worked part time at the 4th Street Elevator as the Elevator operator where he loved talking to the tourist from near and far. Bob was an active Dubuque Democratic Party volunteer and volunteered in Senator Tom Harkin's Dubuque office for many years. He was involved in many civic organizations; he was in the Choir at Nativity Church, Operation New View (River Valley CAP), the Meatcutters Union Local 150, Friends of Community, the 11th Street Neighborhood Group, which he helped organize and lead. he volunteered for the City of Dubuque on their Housing Commission and Community Development. He started volunteering at the Foster Grandparent organization and eventually became Chairman of Foster Grandparent Board. Bob recently had some health problems and is now retired to Oak Park Place where he keeps busy reading and with his family. He has a natural optimistic view of life and just celebrated his 93rd birthday. :: Back to Top ::

DOMINIC GOODMANN (2010) started his career in Dubuque as a radio news director in the 1950s and 1960s, then began an insurance business in 1965 and later added real estate and real estate appraisal. (His children now run the businesses.) He served as Dubuque Democratic Party Treasurer from 1962 to 1967 and co-chaired John Culver's first election to Congress in 1964. He and Culver remained life-long friends. With a passion for justice and fairness, he was active in campaigns at all levels for decades. He died on Christmas Eve, 2001 and is survived by his wife, Joan Boland, who resides at Luther Manor. :: Back to Top ::

TERI HAWKS GOODMANN (2013) was born and raised by Democratic Parents in Davenport, Iowa, later moving to Dubuque. She worked for sixteen years as a political campaign manager and consultant, managing campaigns for city, county, and state legislative campaigns. Teri also coordinated and served in leadership roles for numerous congressional and presidential campaigns. In 1988, she supported Joe Biden’s first presidential attempt, and started a friendship with the future vice-president that continues to this day. Teri also provided leadership at the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium and National Rivers Hall of Fame for eighteen years serving as Director of marketing and Director of development and national advancement. Responsibilities included management of government relations and strategic partnerships, fund development, national outreach and education. She was the lead campaign coordinator for the nationally recognized and highly successful America's River project, the $188 million phase one riverfront redevelopment initiative in Dubuque, Iowa which opened in 2003. Teri was appointed Assistant City Manager in February 2008. Her focus in this position is intergovernmental relations, strategic partnerships, and private and public grant funding. Teri is the City’s legislative liaison working with city, county, state and federal elected and appointed government officials maintaining effective working relationships and alliances. She and her husband John have four children; Emily, Ellen, Edward and Elise, son in law Tom Miller, soon to be daughter in law, Kristin Janzen and a granddaughter Violet Miller. Teri has also served on a number of boards: trustee of Clarke University; trustee for the National Waterways Foundation; a founding steering committee member of America’s Watershed Initiative; the national advisory board for Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana; the Iowa Chapter of the Nature Conservancy; the John C Culver Public Policy Center at Simpson College; past chair of the Dubuque Regional Airport Commission; Hillcrest Family Services; Dubuque Initiatives; the Friends of the Mines of Spain and the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Other appointments include: by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) advising the Commission for Environmental Cooperation as defined in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); by the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors to the Judicial Nominating Board; and by Governor Terry Branstad to the Norman Borlaug Congressional Statue Commissioning Committee. Past gubernatorial appointments include: by Governor Tom Vilsack to the Vertical Infrastructure Advisory Committee and State Historical Society of Iowa; by Governor Chet Culver to the State of Iowa Smart Growth Planning Task Force, the Mississippi River Partnership Council and as Co-Chair of the Commercial Property Tax Reform Task Force. :: Back to Top ::

LLOYD "CASEY" HAYES (2014) was a County Supervisor and occasional Chair of the Board during interesting times in Dubuque County. He came on board in the late 1970s and he lived until October of 1987. He was a Navy Veteran of World War II, a successful businessman, and a very proud Irishman. he owned Hayes Feed and Seed in Key West. He loved and collected antique horse-drawn buggies, and he started the Carriage Rides in the Ice Harbor. He was carried to his funeral in Key West, in a horse-drawn hearse, accompanied, by grateful friends and family. Lloyd was also a man with big ideas. The 10-year courthouse renovation had begun when he was elected, and he was there to see it finished in 1984. It was his idea to gild the dome at a time when the tee-shirts were proclaiming that the last one to leave Dubuque should turn off the lights. And he headed the committee to raise the money for the gilding. So when you drive by, think of him when you see the beauty of that dome, a beacon of hope in the despair of that time. And he longed to see the private property along the Mississippi south of Dubuque become public, to save its beauty for the public and for the future. He worked ceaselessly with the organization that became the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to accomplish that goal, which resulted in the creation of the "Mines of Spain." He was a proud Democrat and seemed always to be selling tickets to things sponsored by the Party. He valued and served his constituents and listened to them. On the day that he became ill he had been at Sunnycrest Manor, consulting with the administrator about current issues of that time. he was very comfortable in the company of the Democrats! We welcome Lloyd to the "Hall of Fame" for Dubuque County Democrats. :: Back to Top ::

MICHAEL P. HOGAN JR. (2012) known as M.P. Hogan was born on 8 October 1904 to Michael P. Hogan Sr. and Anna Stafford. M.P.’s first wife, Aurelia Ellwanger, died in 1939. M.P. was named Justice of the Peace in 1941, filling the unexpired term of Hogan Sr. when he died that year. M.P. was then elected to that office for one term. In 1942, he married Ester L. Gau, with whom he had two sons and three daughters. In 1948, M.P. started his insurance firm. M.P. was Chair of DCD 1948-50 and 1953-1961, one of the 10 Iowa Presidential Electors in 1948, Iowa’s National Democratic Committee member 1950-53, Chair of Iowa’s delegation to the 1956 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Central Committee. He was also an organizer of the Dubuque United Fund, serving as a Solicitor in 1949, Campaign Chair in 1957, Treasurer 1956-1963, and member of the board of trustees 1957-1969. Additionally, M.P. was Treasurer of Dubuque Particular Council of St. Vincent DePaul Society, National Committee representative of Northeast Iowa Council of Boy Scouts of America, on the Advisory Boards of Clark College and Divine Word Seminary, President of St. Anthony’s Parish Council and members of Dubuque Assembly Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus, Holy Name Society, Dubuque Moose Lodge, Izaak Walton League, Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, Navy League Dubuque Council and the Independent Insurance Association. He was a Dubuque County Historical Society member and director of the campaign to finance the society’s operation of the Ham House Museum. M.P. died on 26 January 1969. :: Back to Top ::

CHUCK ISENHART (2015) was born in Dubuque, Iowa, the son of Bud and Marcella Isenhart. He has four brothers, two sisters, 15 nieces and nephews, 21 great nieces and nephews and four goddaughters. Chuck attended Wahlert High School. He graduated from Loras College in 1981 with a Bachelor political science and mass communication. He received a Master of journalism from Marquette University in 1984. Chuck was a research assistant for the Institute for Catholic Media and an instructor at Marquette. He has also worked Interstate Power Company, the city of Dubuque, the Telegraph Herald (sports department) and the Iowa Oil Company. Previous to that, he was a reporter and editor for the Witness newspaper of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. From 1986 to 1990, Chuck was a freelance writer and publisher, working on the topics of education, health care, rural development, labor relations and other social and economic issues. He was a member of the National Writers Union, which he rejoined after starting his own small business, Common Good Services. Chuck has been active with Dubuque County Democratic Central Committee since 1989. He has chaired the County Platform Committee (1991 to 1999), the Research Committee (1989 to 1994) and Presidential Forum Planning Committee (2004). He has also been a precinct GOTV captain, precinct caucus chair and county convention delegate. From 1990 to 2007, Chuck was executive director of the Dubuque Area Labor-Management Council, which included work in labor relations, health care, construction and education/workforce development. In 2006, he served as policy director for Rick Dickinson for Congress. He has served on community boards too numerous to name. Chuck is the ranking member on the Environmental Protection committee. He also serves on Economic Growth, Ways and Means, and Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations. In his spare time, Chuck enjoys officiating soccer and basketball games, playing fantasy hockey, hiking and biking, as well as traveling to visit friends and see the world. :: Back to Top ::

PAM JOCHUM (2010) was born and raised in Dubuque. She became active in Mike Blouin's election to Congress in 1974 and has been continually involved in Democratic politics ever since. She has participated in numerous county, district, and state conventions and in the 1980 National Convention. She was a Floor Whip for Mondale in 1984 and witnessed Geraldine Ferraro becoming the first major-party woman nominee for vice president. Elected to the Iowa House in 1992, she was the first woman from Dubuque County to serve. In 2007, she was elected to succeed State Senator Mike Connolly in the Iowa legislature. She has advocated for voter-owned elections. :: Back to Top ::

LINDA AND NICHOLAS LUCY (2010) Linda was born in Creston, Iowa, graduated from high school in Des Moines in 1965 and married Nick in 1977. She volunteered in Tom Harkin's then-new Dubuque office for two years, then became his Regional Representative, having recently completed 20 years of constituent service. She has been a member of the Dubuque County Central committee for many years and participated in county, district, and state convention committees. She is also Past President of Dubuque League of Women Voters. Nick was born in Colorado but raised in East Dubuque. He was an alternate to the 1976 Democratic National Convention and a delegate to the 1978 convention. For several years, he hosted a weekly community access TV show, through which he promoted the Democratic agenda. His photos at countless Democratic and labor events have appeared regularly in "The Dubuque Leader" labor newspaper for more than two decades. Nick and Linda have hosted many election-day Get-Out-the-Vote efforts and neighborhood caucuses. :: Back to Top ::

JEREMIAH MATTHEW "JERRY" LYNCH (2013) was born an Irish Catholic Democrat on Sept. 2 1944 at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque. He was raised on a small farm in Washington Township near New Melleray Abbey. Jerry went to a one-room country grade school graduating in 1958 with Jane Lyons as his only classmate. He then went to Loras Academy for one year, which was started as Saint Raphael's Seminary in 1839 by Bishop Mathias Loras, Reverend Cretin, and Reverend Mazzuchelli. It was later moved to Dubuque, renamed after Loras, and in 1893, the Academy was incorporated under the laws of Iowa to grant high school degrees while an associated college granted Liberal Arts degrees. In 1959, Loras Academy closed and Wahlert Catholic High School opened. Jerry graduated from Wahlert High School in 1962. He went to Loras College with Mike Blouin and Tom Miller but Jerry dropped out of school when his Dad died, and worked at Trausch baking, Dubuque Packing Co, Trus Joist, Flexsteel, and 59 days at John Deere unit 1 in the foundry. He then went to the University of Dubuque and graduated in 1970 with a secondary degree in teaching History, Social Studies, Psychology and Driver Education. Jerry was hired at Western Dubuque and took classes at Truman State University in Kirksville Mo. to get a Master of Counseling. He taught and counseled until retiring in 2001. Jerry also played Baseball for the Bernard Indians for about 17 years and was inducted into the Dubuque County Baseball hall of Fame in 2005. He got involved in politics around1960 by helping with campaigns. Jerry was elected to the Dubuque County Central Committee in 1966 and has been on since. Jerry has also been involved at the District and State levels and is now Co-chair of the First Congressional District Democratic Central Committee and Chair of the Operations Committee for the Iowa Democratic Party. :: Back to Top ::

PATRICK J. "LOOPER" LYNCH (2012) was born 24 January 1959 in Dubuque to Dick “Looper” and Jeanette Lynch. He is married to Dawn Carlson, and they are parents of Ryan Lynch and Cody and Paige Carlson. Looper joined the Laborers Union in 1977 and the Plumbers & Steam Fitters union in 1978. From 1983 to present he has been a member of the Teamsters union and for 18 years was a UPS Steward. From 1998 to 2007, Looper was on the Local 421 Executive Board as Recording Secretary and Secretary-Treasurer. From 1999 to 2003 he was Chairman of the Dubuque County Democratic Party. From 2002 to 2007, Looper was Political Director of Iowa Joint Council 45 and Joint Council 32. From 2005 to 2008, he was Chairman of Iowa “Change to Win”, an organization that aims to provide a working and middleclass counterweight to the power of big money. In 1959, The Teamsters recognized the need to develop comprehensive legislative and political programs within the union following the passage of the Landrum-Griffin bill and other anti-labor legislation. In November of that year, James R. Hoffa established the Department of Legislation and Political Education. Officially launched in 1960, D.R.I.V.E. -- Democratic, Republican, Independent Voter Education -- has two main objectives: To elect candidates to public office who are friendly to the interests of Teamster members; and passage or defeat of legislation of special concern to Teamster families. In 2006, Looper was Central Region DRIVE Director. From 2007 to 2009 he was Teamsters National Political Director and since 2009 Looper has been Special Assistant to the General Secretary Treasurer. :: Back to Top ::

FRED MCCAW, (1946-2006) (Hall of Fame Inductee, 2015 & Certificate of Gratitude, 2007) Fred McCaw graduated from Dubuque Senior H.S. in 1963, University of Iowa (economics) in 1968, and University of Iowa School of Law in 1972. Working for Legal Services initially, he transferred to the Dubuque County Attorney Office in 1976. His peers came to appreciate his intellect, leadership, and kindness. Fred always had the courage to make the tough but not rash decisions, regardless of popular sentiment. Fred was first elected County Attorney in 1987. He was widely admired by Iowa attorneys and became President of the Iowa Attorneys Assn. in 2002 and 2003. When Fred passed away in 2006 of an apparent heart attack while he was bicycling on vacation in South Dakota at age 60, the executive director of Iowa Attorneys Assn stated that in his time with the association, no one had contributed as much as Fred to the association. He specialized in the standards and conduct areas – put simply – ethics. His pursuit of justice was two-fold: any charge should fit the act, but it must be investigated and prosecuted the right way. Fred and Ann Linscheid were married in 1971 and have three children: Shana McCaw (Brent Budsberg); Lindsay McCaw; and Evan McCaw (Hyokung Won). They witnessed this extraordinary man build his own boat, learn to fly and earn his pilot's license, and after teaching himself to sail, he and Ann bought a sailboat. :: Back to Top ::

ANN MICHALSKI, (1932-2014) (Hall of Fame Inductee 2008) Ann O'Hara Michalski was born in Harvey, Illinois to John Campbell O'Hara and Esther Mary Murray on Dec. 21, 1932. Ann graduated in 1950 from Loretto Academy, Chicago. While visiting colleges, Ann "fell in love at first sight" with both CLARKE COLLEGE and the City of Dubuque. She graduated from Clarke in 1954. Ann later served on the Board of the Clarke College Alumni Association. She married James Joseph Michalski on April 12, 1958 in Hazel Crest, IL. Ann's first job was as a social worker. Later, she taught high school at Mother of Sorrows in Blue Island, IL and Elizabeth Seton in South Holland, IL, and, in 1972, received an MA in Theology from Saint Xavier College. Ann and Jim moved to Dubuque, in 1979, where their son John attended college at LORAS COLLEGE. She was a Pastoral Associate at St. Patrick's Parish until 1986. From then until retirement in 1998, she worked as an Administrative Assistant, Development Director and finally, Director of Human Resources at The Gannon Center for Community Mental Health. In the 1980s and 1990s, she also served as an Adjunct Professor of Religion at Clarke University and Loras. Ann was a dedicated community activist and advocate for many issues: the Mental Health America Board, revitalizing downtown Dubuque, the Housing Commission, Community Development Block Grant Commission, Dubuque Main Street, Dubuque Initiatives, Solid Waste Management Board, Dubuque Symphony League, Fine Arts Commission, Four Mounds Association, and was a strong advocate for CARNEGIE-STOUT PUBLIC LIBRARY. In 1996, she was elected to the Dubuque City Council and served three terms, leaving office in 2007. Her principle commitments as city council member were to coalition-building, advocacy for the voiceless, and promotion of quality of life. She was especially proud of having worked to pass a Human Rights ordinance protecting the LGBT community, and to re-open Main Street in downtown Dubuque. In 2008 she became president of the League of Women Voters. Ann was an Associate of the SISTERS OF CHARITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (BVM). She was a staunch liberal Democrat-a great fan of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson-and believed that government should work actively to improve people's lives. Ann was very proud to have been inducted into the Dubuque County Democratic Hall of Fame in 2008. Special achievements include the Clarke Humanitarian Award, Dubuque Mental Health Advocate Award, the State of Iowa Volunteer Award, the Gannon Center Outstanding Staff Member Award, Iowa Community Mental Health Center Outstanding Staff Award, National League of Cities Outstanding Woman Elected Official, CWV Human Rights Award, the 2007 Elisha Darlin Arts Award, the Library Advocacy Award and the Barbara Boatwright Lifetime Achievement Award. She died in Dubuque, IA on July 19, 2014. In 2015 the Ann Michalski Distinguished Service Award was created in Ann's honor to recognize excellence by an individual. :: Back to Top ::

PATRICK J. MURPHY (2010) was born and raised in Dubuque, the ninth of ten children. He is a graduate of Wahlert High School and Loras College. In 1989, he was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives and, in 2003, became Democratic leader, whereby he played a major role in regaining a Democratic majority in the House in 2006. He was elected Speaker in 2007. Pat has advocated for human services, health care, appropriations, expanded preschool programs, renewable energy, Iowa's veterans and for raising the minimum wage and K-12 teacher salaries. :: Back to Top ::

MARTIN O'SHEA (2011) grew up in rural Dubuque County and came to know the county well, which proved to be a valuable asset years later when he became politically involved. Marty cast his first vote for Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale in 1975 and did his first political volunteering for State Senator Larry Murphy in 1977. Marty and Anna married in 1979, and later raised sons Shawn and Aaron. During a time of community unrest, Marty helped with the Dubuque Midnight Basketball League, Kaleidoscope Program, Council on Diversity, Equity in Education, PTA, and served 10 years on the Human Rights Commission. The first presidential campaign Marty helped with was Michael Dukakis in 1987, followed by Democratic candidates at all levels that Marty has helped in his 34 years of political involvement. Marty and fellow 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Tom Schueller were childhood friends. Marty is best known as the Sign Guru of Dubuque County Democratic politics beginning under the leadership of the late Don Hendricks, and raising the public profile of our candidates. Marty’s sign dedication continued until his Muscular Dystrophy recently made it too difficult for him to continuing painting and storing candidate signs and swinging the sledge hammer to plant those signs in excellent locations all over the county. :: Back to Top ::

PATRICK R. QUINN (2012) was born on 16 May 1934 in Davenport Iowa to Frank Quinn and Anna Schuster. Pat served in the Untied States Marine Corps from 1952 to 1955. He married Ann Brady on 20 October 1956 in Toronto, Mississippi. They raised two sons, Milton and Patrick, and three daughters, Julia, Susan, and Amy. Pat worked at John Deere Dubuque Works from 1959 to 1992. He served his union, United Automobile Workers (UAW) Local 94 as vice president, from 1971-1992, during which time he also served on the 2nd Area UAW-CAP, Education, Consumer Affairs, By-Law, and Employee Assistance committees. Following retirement, he stayed actively involved by serving in various positions for Local 94 UAW Retirees. He was a DCD Central Committee member for many years, organized hundreds of literature drops and phone banks, was a delegate to county, district, and state conventions, and a Carter delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1976. In addition to his labor activities, Pat served his community on the Zoning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. He was also a founding member of Boy Scout Troop 94 and the Adult Committee, where he seldom missed a meeting or fund-raising event. Pat died on 24 August 2005. He was survived by his children; two sisters and seven grandchildren. His parents; two brothers, and a sister, Shirley A. Quinn, preceded Pat in death. :: Back to Top ::

THOMAS REISDORF (2011) was born on July 3rd, 1950. He attended Sacred Heart Grade School and Wahlert High School. After serving in the military from 1968 to 1972 Tom took the Civil Service exam and went to work for the U.S. Postal Service in 1973. It was at this time that the political bug bit Tom. He became involved with the Mike Blouin and Brent Appel congressional campaigns. Tom became a shop steward in 1974 and Vice President of the Letter Carriers Local in 1978. He served as Branch President for three years and has been a state officer since 1996. Tom is currently serving as Branch Secretary. He married his lovely wife Kathie in 1975 and they have been blessed with three children and three grandchildren. In the 1990s under President Clinton some restrictions of the Hatch Act were lifted, giving Tom more opportunity to be involved in DCD. He joined Central Committee in 1998 and became Campaigns and Candidates Chair in 2003. Along with Joyce Monahan and others, he helped restart DCD’s Hall of Fame in 2004. Tom has served on First District Central Committee since 2006. Tom feels one of his greatest achievements was helping Bruce L. Braley win his seat in Congress in 2006. Tom was proud to serve as County Coordinator for Hillary Clinton for President. Tom says ‘What I have enjoyed most serving with the Democratic Party is all the friendships I have made and running Jim Nussle out of Iowa’. :: Back to Top ::

MARCOS RUBINSTEIN (2012) was born in Chicago in 1951, and moved with his family to Argentina in 1952, where he was raised and educated. He worked in journalism and union organizing before returning to the U.S. in July 1976. He worked in factories in California for six months and organized for the UAW. He continued journalism and political involvement as an opinion writer for Latino and immigrant issues, and interviewed Cesar Chavez many times for Spanish/English radio programs. Marcos married Evelyn Nadeau in 1995, and they have one son, Alejandro. They left the West Coast in 2002 when Evelyn began teaching at Clarke College (now University). Marcos has participated in the local Peace and Justice Group nearly every Monday since his arrival in Dubuque. He registered to vote here when asked by neighbor Jim Lindsay. Marcos was drawn to the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich in 2003 and was his local and state organizer during Kucinich’s presidential campaign in 2006-7. He was on the Dubuque Human Rights Commission, 2006-10, serving as a member and later, Chairman. Since 2004, he has been on DCD Central Committee, attending every county, district, and state convention, and serving on every state Platform Committee. He also ran for City Council, served on the Citizen’s Review Panel of police actions, protested the School of the Americans at Ft. Benning, Ga., and was a founder of the Dubuque Multicultural Center. :: Back to Top ::

KENNETH RUNDE (2014) :: Back to Top ::

VERA SABLE MCALLISTER (2012) was born on 11 January 1897 in Dubuque to parents Louis Savary and Margaret Sullivan. Vera’s first marriage was to Charles Sable, who passed away in the 1920’s. Some years later she married James F. McAllister, who was known as Frank. He worked at Mazewood and passed away in 1973. Vera served on DCD’s Central Committee for 25 years, chairing Dubuque County Democratic Women for many years. She was Vice-Chair of DCD when M.P. was Chair. Vera was also a member of St. Raphael’s Cathedral and Rosary Society and formerly a member of the National Council of Catholic women. She died on 31 January 1971. Her son, William L. Sable, passed away in 1995 in Rock Island, Illinois. Her daughter, Margaret M. Sable, passed away circa 2000 in Dubuque. William and his wife Elizabeth Lachman, who passed away in 2006, gave Vera two grandchildren: Michael James Sable, who passed away in 1990 and Timothy C. Sable, who now lives in California. Timothy says “My family moved from Dubuque in 1961, but I remember my grandma, Vera, from my first 11 years living in Dubuque. On election day she could be counted on to round up all the absentee ballots she could to help Democrats get elected. She always worked very hard on election days as I remember. I think she was most proud of John F. Kennedy's election in 1960. Not only did she like John Kennedy, but as a devout Catholic she was also quite pleased that he was the first Catholic president. She was always a party activist. I remember Vera talking about Mike Hogan and am pleased that he is being honored as well.” :: Back to Top ::

RUTH SCHARNAU (HOF Inductee 2010, DAWN's List Barbara Boatwright Lifetime Achievement Award 2014, Carrie Chapman Catt Center Plaza of Heroines brick 2015.) Ruth was born in Waukesha, WI, 1933. The Scharnau family moved to Dubuque in 1970 when Ralph Scharnau took a position in the history department at the University of Dubuque. Soon after, the Scharnaus became involved in Dubuque County Democratic politics, volunteering for phone banks and door knocking, hosting candidate coffees, and working at election-day precinct headquarters. They were inspired by Democratic initiatives for gender and racial equality. For many years, Ruth worked as a speech therapist in the Galena, Illinois, schools and later worked with children who had behavioral disorders. From 1972 to 1973, she served on the Dubuque Human Rights Commission, but resigned in protest about lack of resources committed to the Commission. In the early 1970s, Ruth became involved in the women's movement and was a charter member of the Dubuque chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). She served as president of Dubuque NOW in 1978. In the 1970s and early 1980s passing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was one of Ruth's main political activities. She also supported gay and lesbian rights, civil rights, and nuclear disarmament. She participated in the first gay rights rally in Dubuque in the fall of 1988, and attended a protest at the School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Georgia, in 2001. In 2002, the Dubuque branch of the (N.A.A.C.P.) honored Scharnau with the Ruby Sutton award. :: Back to Top ::

RALPH SCHARNAU (2010) Soon after moving to Dubuque in 1970, the Scharnaus became involved in Dubuque County Democratic politics, volunteering for phone banks and door knocking, hosting candidate coffees, and working at election-day precinct headquarters. They were inspired by Democratic initiatives for gender and racial equality. They have been active in vigils, rallies, demonstrations, marches, picketing and lobbying and worked in the McGovern and Jackson presidential campaigns. Reveling in Obama's election, they traveled by bus to the his Inauguration. For eight years, Ralph has written monthly columns for the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald on progressive issues. :: Back to Top ::

JUDY SCHMIDT (2011) began her interest in politics at her family’s dinner table in Wisconsin discussing why everyone should be a Democrat! Judy received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville in 1969, a Master of Education from UWP in 1990, and taught at Hempstead High School from 1971 to 2006. Jo Ann Reynolds got Judy involved in Iowa politics with the grassroots campaign of Jimmy Carter. Volunteering with another activist, Terry Stewart, they gave thousands of hours, with Judy elected to National Credentials Committee and invited to a reception at the Carter White House (an honor she’ll never forget)! During the 1970s and ‘80s, Judy was active in the Women’s Rights Movement, working for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and doing behind-the-scenes work for local, state, and national Democratic candidates, as well as serving on Central Committee and various subcommittees. Judy and Kathy Flynn co-chaired the Dubuque Roxanne-for-Governor campaign, and Judy served on many Teachers for….. Committees. In the 1980s, Judy married her soulmate Terry and gave birth to their daughter Rachael René, who grew up at political events. In 1990, she began the first high school Young Democrats Club in Iowa. Judy was also Dubuque Teachers Association Government Relations Chair. She received the 2001 R.J. McElroy Gold Star Award for Outstanding Teaching, and in 2005 Judy was named Dubuque Teacher of the Year. After retiring, she served as Special Events Chair, and on First District Central and Hall of Fame Committees. She also became Co-Chair of the Griep Scholarship Committee. :: Back to Top ::

THOMAS SCHUELLER (2011) grew up on the Century Farm dairy operation of his parents, which is now owned by his brother. Tom graduated from Hempstead High School and attended Clinton Community College. He retired from John Deere after thirty years and is a UAW member. Tom and his wife Melodie have three grown children: Ginger, Peter, and Benjamin. Tom, Pete, Ben, and Jarod Manning are partners in Schueller and Sons Reconstruction founded in 1976, the year that Tom and Melodie married and moved to her hometown of Maquoketa. Tom is active in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bellevue-Maquoketa 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, Andrew AMVETS, Rotary Club, Maquoketa Lions Club, and Jackson County Habitat for Humanity. Tom and Melodie instilled those values of service in their family which now includes seven grandsons. Tom was a member of the Maquoketa City Council for 11 years, where he helped create 500 jobs, worked to improve the quality of life, and established a capital improvement plan. Tom served three terms in the Iowa House of Representatives, from 2004 to 2010. In 2008, he was a legislative appointee to the Housing Work Group of Governor Culver’s Rebuild Iowa Advisory Commission, charged with developing short-and long-term plans for recovering from natural disasters. Tom was then named Chairman of the newly formed Iowa House of Representatives Rebuild Iowa and Disaster Recovery Committee. He was a member of the Economic Growth and Local Government Committees and the Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee. Tom was a humble, selfless public servant, always standing up for the best interests of all Iowans. :: Back to Top ::

DONNA (MCDERMOTT) SMITH (2011) was born and raised in Epworth, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Loras College. She married Pat Smith, with whom she raised 4 children, and they now enjoy 10 grandchildren. Donna Smith made local history in 1974 as the first woman elected DCD Chair, adopting a Constitution and By-Laws following McGovern Party Reforms. She ended the long-standing tradition of stag fundraisers and a separate women's club, helping create Century Club to assist Candidates & Campaigns and party expenses. Hall of Famers Ralph Scharnau was her secretary, Joann McCauley her Second Vice-Chair and Clarence Griep her Research Chair. Donna helped other Hall of Famers, Bob Carr, Mike Connolly, Pat Murphy, and other Democratic legislators, with the assistance of U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, to connect Dubuque to the world with four 4-lane highways. Donna worked as an Iowa Licensed Broker with Herrig Real Estate for many years. She was also Chair of the Dubuque County Referendum to add Women to the Iowa Constitution. In 1978, Donna was the first woman elected to the County Board of Supervisors and on January 5, 1981, she was elected the first female Chairperson of the Board, a position she held numerous times during the following 32 years. Donna led Dubuque County in adopting an Equal Opportunity Employment policy and promoting more women to management positions. Joann Reynolds was appointed to fill a County Recorder vacancy, Denise Dolan to County Auditor, and Kathy Flynn Thurlow to County Recorder upon Reynolds’ death. A gender balance policy was also adopted for appointments to County Boards and Commissions. This didn’t become state law until 2009. In 1996 and 2000 Donna ran for 2nd district Congressional Representative. She graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law in1997. Currently practicing law in Dubuque, Donna was one of the longest serving County Supervisors from either party, holding office from 1978 until 2010. During her time as Supervisor, Donna was instrumental in many worthy projects and committees: the Northwest Arterial, new county jail, Local Option Tax, County Enhanced 911, Courthouse Restoration, Health and Transportation Steering Committees; Iowa Secondary Road Use Fund; Northeast Iowa Juvenile Detention; Dubuque County Census Committee 2010; Project Concern, RSVP, Dubuque Metropolitan Area and Regional Transit Authority. Donna also was active in the establishment of Greater Dubuque Development Corporation after the Pack shutdown, and worked with Senator Harkin to designate the Old County Jail as a Federal Landmark. Donna has been a role model for women in leadership and public officials of all interests. :: Back to Top ::

ROGER STEWART (2011) was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from Maquoketa High School. He attended Cornell College for two years before later graduating from the Wisconsin School of Banking. Roger works as a farmer and as a banker in Maquoketa. His civic involvement includes the Regional Workforce Investment Board, the East-Central Iowa Inter-governmental Association, and the Jackson County Revolving Loan Fund. Roger received several awards and recognition in agriculture, including the Chamber Friends of Agriculture Award and the National Banking Award for work during the 1980s Farm Crisis. He served two terms in the Iowa Senate, representing District 13, which includes Clinton and Jackson Counties, plus two precincts in southern Dubuque County. Roger’s assignments included Chair of the Economic Growth Committee and serving on the Commerce, Ways & Means, Environment & Energy Independence, and Rebuild Iowa committees. When he retired from office, Iowa’s renewable energy industry was thriving, our state was number one in children’s health care coverage, and the groundwork had been established to keep building a strong economy. Roger and his wife, Jennie, a retired features editor for a newspaper, have three children and seven grandchildren. :: Back to Top ::

TERRY STEWART (2011) was inspired by JFK to seek the best in government, and join the Democratic Party. Nick Lucy and Jo Ann Reynolds were his early Dubuque political activist role models. Terry was a social worker for juvenile delinquents from 1974 to 1983 while serving as a member and president of the local AFSCME union, and on the state union board. In 1976 he exulted in two weeks as a union activist in the filming of F.I.S.T. In 1980 he represented AFSCME as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention during Jimmy Carter’s re-election campaign. He attended a White House reception hosted by President Jimmy and First Lady Rosalyn Carter, accompanied by soulmate and political ally Judy Schmidt. Judy and Terry married in Five Flags Theatre on Independence Day, July 4, 1981, and their daughter Rachael was born into a lifetime of Democratic commitment on Flag Day, June 14, 1983. Terry served on Second District Central Committee as Secretary and Treasurer, and was DCD First Vice-Chair 1982-83, and Chairman 1983-84. During that time he moderated a debate between presidential candidates George McGovern, Gary Hart, and Alan Cranston. Terry served as a Dubuque Firefighter from 1983 to 2006, and continued County and District Central Committee and election-season activity throughout his career. He also served several years as union President of the Dubuque Professional Firefighters, and on the City Labor-Management and Dubuque Area Labor-Management Health Care committees. After retiring, he was again elected DCD Chairman, serving from 2007 to 2011, campaigning for candidates "from the courthouse to the White House," securing good election headquarters, advocating diversity and equality, and promoting fundraising events for the Party. Supporting honest and responsible politicians, and helping the Griep Scholarship fund encourage tomorrow’s leaders have been ‘Labors of Love’ for Terry. :: Back to Top ::

SUSAN WILSON (2012) was born to the Ehrenkrantz family on March 13, 1949 and grew up in a New Jersey Republican suburb. Her earliest recollection of politics was when her Second Grade class had an election. Since everyone in HER family was voting for Adlai Stevenson, she was dumbfounded when the class elected IKE. That was the moment a new Democratic Activist was born. Her Democratic commitment grew with JFK’s election and tragic assassination. While attending college in Connecticut, Sue discovered the meaning of phone banking, licking stamps, and canvassing while helping with the successful U.S. Senate campaign of Thomas Dodd, father of later Senator and presidential candidate Chris Dodd. Sue married another avid Democrat, Ray Wilson on 20 June 1971. When they moved to Iowa, politics got personal--not only meeting ALL the candidates, but working hard at the nitty gritty jobs behind the scenes. They first settled in Monticello in 1985 when Ray began teaching English at Loras College and Sue began teaching nursing at the University of Iowa. Sue's political mentor was Bev Hannon, State Senator from Jones County. As Co-Chair of Bev's successful re-election campaign, Sue learned many valuable lessons: how to avoid an electric fence when putting up barn signs, how to read a plat map and compare it to voter registration lists, how to navigate a Class C road in the rain and other finer points of persuading voters. Sue put these lessons to work in the Jones County Democrats, later becoming their Chairperson. When Sue and Ray moved to Dubuque in 1997, DCD Chair Leo Meier invited Sue to her first Exec Board meeting and she's been attending ever since. Her forte has been the Information Committee, and helping organize every caucus and county convention. :: Back to Top ::

BILL WINDERS AND THE DUBUQUE LEADER (2010) Bill was born and raised in Dubuque. He purchased The Dubuque Leader in 1980, ensuring that labor leaders and Democrats have a voice. He provides for photo and column space for the writings of Sen. Tom Harkin, Attorney General Tom Miller, Sen. Pam Jochum, Rep. Pat Murphy, and many other labor and Democratic leaders. Bill has maintained The Leader as a union print shop. The paper was founded in 1906 and gave witness to the rise of the union movement. It was an early advocate of equal pay for equal work, FDR's effort to lead the way out of the Great Depression, and union representation on the City Council. Bill provided extensive coverage of the nurses at Finley Hospital and their affiliation with SEIU. :: Back to Top ::

RAY ZIRKELBACH (2011) was born in Manchester and raised in Scotch Grove. He graduated from Monticello High School and then from the University of Wyoming with a BA in Administration of Justice. After graduation, Ray began as a Correctional Officer and was then promoted to Correctional Counselor at the Anamosa State Penitentiary. He is a Charter and Lifetime Member of the Monticello AMVETS, as well as Monticello’s Drill Team, Olin American Legion, and the VFW. Ray is also a Charter Member of the Monticello Eagles Club and a Lifetime Member of the Anamosa Penitentiary Museum. He represented the 31st District in Iowa’s House of Representatives from 2004 to 2010, including 5 precincts in southwest Dubuque County. In 2005, Ray was called to active duty by the US Army and consequently missed the 2006 and 2007 legislative sessions. He was deployed in Iraq as an Iowa National Guard Sergeant in the First Battalion of the 133rd Infantry of Dubuque. Ray received the Purple Heart for wounds received in combat in August 2006 in Al Anbar Province. In honor of his absence for military service, Ray's seat in the Legislature was draped with an American flag. He retired from the National Guard as an Infantryman with CO A 1/133rd in February 2009 and is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. During Ray’s third term in the Iowa House, he was Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee, and served on Agriculture, Commerce, and Appropriations Committees as well as the Justice Systems Budget Subcommittee. Ray worked tenaciously for the care and appreciation of all veterans. Ray has two children, Claire, born in 2006, and Owen, born in 2008. Ray and his wife, Angie live in Anamosa. :: Back to Top ::


Special Awards (alphabetical by last name)

JOYCE CONNORS (Ann Michalski Distinguished Service Award, 2015) grew up in Cuba City, WI, the 3rd of 5 children. She moved to Dubuque when she was 19 years old. Joyce worked at John Deere Dubuque Works where she met (and married) Tom Connors. Joyce and Tom have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Joyce was a stay-at-home mom for many years, raising the children, running the household and volunteering at her church, the kids' school and the Dubuque Community. About the time Joyce turned 40 she decided to go to college. She enrolled at Clarke University where she obtained a Bachelor of Psychology. Upon graduation, Joyce was hired to develop a domestic violence prevention program in Galena, IL. A year later she was hired by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Dubuque where she provided unplanned pregnancy counseling to teenagers and was promoted to Director of the Adoption Program. In 2004 Joyce was named as the first Director of the newly created Office for Protection of Children. She retired in 2007. In 2001, Joyce was first elected to the Dubuque City Council, representing Ward 3, and is currently serving her 4th term. She prides herself as being a good listener and very approachable. Along with doing City business, which is very public, she quietly goes about problem solving and advocating for constituents who contact her. Service to others has always been an important component in Joyce's life; as volunteer, as a counselor and as an elected official. :: Back to Top ::

KEVIN HEALY (Volunteer of the Year, 2015) KEVIN HEALY's interest in politics was probably seeded with him being born on election day 1972. As a child, he was exposed to election day activities at home as precinct headquarters where he helped with activities. He graduated from Ellsworth Community College with a degree in science. He attended both Iowa State and Loras. He has an expansive knowledge of history and much interest in politics He begin doing some door knocking and calling for candidates in 2004. When Obama started running for the 2008 election, Kevin was very involved in doing phone calling and some door knocking in Davenport. Upon his return to Dubuque his participation in both activities has continued. This last election he volunteered for Murphy's campaign as much he could around his work schedule. :: Back to Top ::

CAROLINE PFAB KOPPES (Volunteer of the Year, 2013) was born in Bernard, Iowa on October 27, 1947, the eighth of ten children of Henry and Regina (Kurt) Pfab. As a member of a strong Democratic family, she remembers that the family's first television was purchased, just in time to be able to "see" the National Democratic convention in the summer of 1955. Her family identified with being Roosevelt Democrats because FDR "had saved the country." When John F. Kennedy was campaigning for the Presidency in 1960, Caroline had compiled a scrapbook of every picture/article she could find of Senator Kennedy and his lovely wife. As a high school student, she remembers the shock and sadness when the teacher (a Franciscan nun) told the class that "our President was killed!" When Caroline attended Trinity College in Washington D.C. she stuffed envelopes in several Senators' offices. Caroline was a Special Education teacher for 39 years, with 32 of them being at Washington Junior High (now Middle) School. While teaching, her involvement with politics consisted of voting, caucusing, contacting legislators on particular issues, and keeping current on various issues. After hearing Senator Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004, Caroline realized that his vision of America is what she also envisioned. She met Senator Barack Obama when he spoke from the back of a pick-up at Lincoln School and signed a pledge card to caucus for him the following January. After her retirement from teaching, she made the decision to work tirelessly for the President's re-election. In the summer of 2010, Caroline got involved in canvassing for the midterms. She then became a Neighborhood Team Leader for Organizing for America - Iowa. :: Back to Top ::

RANDOLPH W. "RANDY" LYON (Volunteer of the Year, 2013) taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades at Hoover Elementary School from 1972-2010. He was a member of the district's first Talented and Gifted committee, helping write a grant to fund a pilot program in the early 1970s. Randy frequently served on the district’s science and social studies committees. In 1991, He was one of the first ten educators in Dubuque County to receive the Gold Star Award for teaching from KWWL. In 2006, Randy received the Excellence in Education Award from the Masons of the Mosaic Lodge No. 125 and he was one of five finalists for the 2010 Iowa Teacher of the Year award. In 2008, Randy was selected the historian of the Dubuque Community School District. He was a two-term president of Dubuque Education Association (DEA) and served on the board of the JDC UniServ Unit of the Iowa Education Association. Outside of teaching, Randy served on the Dubuque Housing Commission, and is currently a deacon at First Congregational United Church of Christ. His wife, Ruth, serves as the director of the bell choir and for twenty-five years was the vocal choir director at First Congregational. Their daughters Christine and Angela are a partner in a California law firm and an instructional designer for an educational publishing company in Iowa City respectively. In 1972, Randy wrote The Water Flows: A Primary Source History of the American Indian, and a three-filmstrip series based upon the Archaeological Dig at Tel Gezer in Israel. He is the author of Dubuque, the Encyclopedia (1991) and With Faith and Fortunes: An Encyclopedia of Dubuque County (1998). Randy is the web developer of encyclopediadubuque.org, based upon these books, for the Carnegie-Stout Public Library. In five years, this online source of Dubuque history has received more than 130,000 visitors. He also contributed to three regional encyclopedias - The Encyclopedia of the Midwest (1989), The Encyclopedia of the Central West (1990), and The Encyclopedia of the Far West (1991) - and co-authored Between Two Rivers: Iowa Year by Year, 1846-1996 published by the Iowa State Press. In 2007 the Iowa State Education Association produced Randy's Shining Stars and Everyday Heroes, a 2-CD kit including over 5,800 entries and a year's course of daily oral language activities based on Iowa history and lesson plans designed to encourage writing, map skills, and even an appreciation of a community's architectural history. Articles written by him have appeared in The Iowan, Science Activities, Arts and Activities, Julien's Journal, Flower and Garden and Learning magazines. In 2012, Randy signed up 1,708 Dubuque residents, an individual Iowa record, for early or absentee voting in the presidential election. :: Back to Top ::

SHIRLEY MCVAY (1937-2015) (Volunteer of the Year, 2015) was born November 13, 1937, in Dubuque, daughter of Robert and Theresa (Foht) Sutter. She was raised in Dubuque's southend, where she attended St. Raphael's grade school and St. Joseph's Academy. Shirley graduated from St. Columbkille's High School. She married Maynard McVay on July 13, 1956, at St. Raphael Catholic Church. Shirley worked for many years at the Dubuque Greyhound Park. She liked to take walks at the Mall and also greatly enjoyed helping the Democratic Party. Shirley was a Democrat all of her voting life. Most recently, she worked on both Obama campaigns, and Pat Murphy's run for Congress from start to finish. Shirley's goal (and that of the younger headquarters staff) was to get Democrats over 55 out to vote in Dubuque County. She had said "I am ready to go again, and will do my utmost for Hillary Rodham Clinton or whoever gets nominated." Shirley died a peaceful death surrounded by her family on Friday, May 15, 2015. Carolyn Pfab Koppes had gone to the home to see the family and was told that Shirley died half an hour before Carolyn came. Carolyn said, "Shirley was the most loyal volunteer ever and so proud to have met Pres. Obama and be a Democrat." :: Back to Top ::

THOMAS JAMES VILSACK (Outstanding Elected Official, 2013) graduated from Kirkland College in Clinton, New York, where he met his wife, Ann Christine “Christie” Bell. In October 1968, Tom approached Christie in the college’s cafeteria and asked, "Are you a Humphrey or a Nixon supporter?" She said, "Humphrey" and that was the start of their relationship. The couple married Aug. 18, 1973, in back of Christie’s home in Mount Pleasant, which had a 39-acre pasture. In 1975, the couple moved to Mount Pleasant, and Tom Vilsack started practicing law with his father-in-law, Tom Bell. Tom was elected to the state Senate in 1992 and re-elected in 1994. In 1998, he was elected Iowa’s first Democratic governor in 32 years. Tom came from 20 points behind in the polls to upset Republican Jim Ross Lightfoot. Tom limited himself to two terms as Iowa Governor, and in 2006 Chet Culver succeeded him. In 2008, President Obama nominated Tom to be United States Secretary of Agriculture, a position he currently holds. Tom and Christie have two children, Jess, now 35, and Doug, now 32. :: Back to Top ::

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